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CATALOGPublications of the Center for the Advancement of Languages,Education, and Communities

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Access our entire collection of books in 25 languages and more by visiting or scanning this QR code.Multilingual education thatincorporates the use of themother tongue is key at alllevels of holistic educationaldevelopmentY A O Y D OD i r e c t o r o f I n t e r n a t i o n a l B u r e a u o f E d u c a t i o n ( U N E S C O )i n A B i l i n g u a l R e v o l u t i o n f o r A f r i c a

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CALEC - TBR BOOKSWe a r e thrilled t o introduce our 2024Catalog and the work of ournonprofit organization, The Centerfor the Advancement of Languages,Education & Communities (CALEC). We are a nonprofit organizationfocused on promoting multilin-gualism, empowering multilingualfamilies, a n d fostering c r o s s - c u l t u r a lunderstanding. CALEC's m i s s i o n is inalignment with the United Nations’Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission i s t o establish languageas a critical life skill, throughdeveloping & supporting b i l i n g u a leducation programs, promotingdiversity, reducing inequality, a n dhelping to provide quality education. Our p r o g r a m s seek to protect w o r l dcultural heritage and supportteachers, authors, and families b yproviding the knowledge andresources to create vibrantmultilingual communities.We believe that we can accomplishthis goal by publishing anddistributing accessible books andresources t h a t encourage i n n o v a t i v eideas for education, l a n g u a g e , andcultural diversity. As such, we support and promoteour authors, researchers, a n dartists engaged in mu l t i l i n g u a leducation, particularly when wecan advance languages andlinguistic communities. We sponsor, host, and participatein events and activities thatpromote language e d u c a t i o n andcultural development all yearround. CALEC is a member of :Independent Book PublishersAssociation, American BooksellersAssociation, New York Council ofNonprofits,Joint National Committee forLanguages. Browse through our catalog f o r alisting of all our books, series, andeducational resources.T h e B o a r d o f D i r e c t o r s EMPOWERING READERS AROUND THE WORLD1

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NEW RELEASES | BILINGUALISMEdite d by Valér i e F ialais and Reseda withcontr i butions from twe n ty scho l arsGuiding Teachers into Bilingual Education edited by ValérieFialais et Reseda StrebThis p u blicati o n aims to b uild a guideli ne for bothteach e rs a nd adminis t rators w i th monolin g ual classexper i ence, who wheth e r o u t o f inter e st o rneces s ity, wish to creat e t h e p roper sett i ng forbilin g ual teac h ing. In a ddition , this gu i de uses atwofo l d s t rategy combi n ing academi c res e archtheor y and on-s i te bi lingual schoo l pra ctice. Thebridg e betwe e n t h e t wo f ields is consi d ered to bethe keyst o ne t o t h is b ook. It strength ens theargum e ntation for bot h t h e t heoreti c al conceptsemplo y ed and p rofessio nal expe r ience.2024, English, French, German, and Por t ugueseISBN 9 78-1-636 07-900-4 , Retail Price: U S $24.9 9Edite d b y J ulie Fra n ck, Fede r ico Falo p pa, andTheod oros M a rinis .Myths and Facts about Multilingualism, edited by Julie Franck,Federico Faloppa, and Theodoros Marinis.Drawi n g o n groundb r eaking rese a rch from the EU' sMulti M i nd proje c t , this enl i g htenin g v o lumedebun k s c o mmon misc o nceptio n s s urroun d i ngmulti l i ngualis m and illum i nates its p r ofound impacton o u r mi n d, br a in, a n d so c i ety. With c ontribu t ionsfrom top rese a rchers acro s s 1 4 countri e s, the bookexper t l y b r idges lingu i s tics, ne u r oscienc e ,psych o l ogy, and more, off e r ing insigh t s n o t o n l yinto th e cogni t i ve a nd neural b enefits ofmulti l i ngualis m but a l so its pivota l role i neduca t i on, hea l th, and therape u tic set t ings.2024, EnglishISBN 9 78-1-636 07-223-4 , Retail Price: U S $24.9 92

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NEW RELEASES | BILINGUALISMMehdi Lazar is is an interna t ional educ a tor, auth o r,and geograph e r. His current r e search fo c uses o nmulti l ingual educ a tion, glob a l c itizensh i p e ducatio n ,and current affairs. Fabrice Jaumont i s a F r ench-born author and ed u cator b est kn o wn for hisadvoc a cy for dual-l a nguage bil i ngual educa tionaroun d the wor ld.Speaking the World: Multilingualism and Cultural Fluency in theProfessional World, edited by Mehdi Lazar & Fabrice Jaumont"Spea k ing t h e World " is a conci s e expl o ration of t h egrowi n g i m portanc e o f mu l tilingu a l a b ilities in themoder n , i ntercon n ected world. It e xamines the roleof multil i ngualis m i n v a rious indus t ries and itsimpac t on globa l busin ess dynamic s . T h e b ookdiscu s ses the evoluti on o f m u ltiling u al educati o nand its challen g es, addressi n g h o w it prepare sindiv i duals fo r the gl obal wor k place. 2024, English, French. 978-163 6 072203, US $24 . 99In thi s book, a u thors fr om vario u s countr i es exam i nethe reali t ies, oppor t unities , and challe nges ofmulti l ingual e d ucation a n d languag e l earning f o r theArabi c -speakin g w o rld, inclu d ing native Arab i c-speak e rs livin g outside o f the Ar a b world. I t featur e sa colle c tion o f e ssays a bout the local a p plicati o nsof vario u s models of bili n gual educa t ion or langu a geimmer s ion ( Arabic plus anothe r langua g e such asFrenc h or English or a nother) and t he w a ys t oencou r age thei r growth and sca l e.2024, English and Arab i c. ISBN 9 78-1-636 07-360-6 , Retail Price: U S $24.9 9Mosaic of Tongues: Multilingual Learning for the Arabic-speaking World, edited by Carine Allaf, Fabrice Jaumont, andSelma Talha-JebrilEdite d by Car i ne Alla f , Qatar Foundat i onInter n ational; Selma Talha -Jebril, Insti t ute ofInter n ational Educa t ion; and Fabric e Jaum ont,Cente r for the Advan c ement of Langu a ges,Educa t ion, and Communi ties3

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NEW RELEASES | CHILDREN'STania and Oliv i er Czajk a are Fr e nch nati v esibli n gs. T ania is a Te a ching Artist and Earl yYears Practiti o ner living in Scotland . O l ivier is afreel a nce grap hic desi gner and illustr a tor. Lapin is Cold by Tania & Olivier Czajka (Bilingual: French-English)Lapin is cold. Very cold. But how can he warmup? Join Tania and her Parisia n garden friendsas t h ey embark on a c h arming bi l ingualadven t ure in t he c o ld F rench winte r . Written f orchild r en 3 to 8 who a r e learn i ng or n ew toFrenc h , the L apin stories are an accessib le andfun f i rst step in teac hing the languag e.2024, Bilingua l French -English978-1 - 63607-43 3-7, US $12.99Dr. Tch o umi est un i n tellect u el engagé e tafroc e ntré qui s’inté resse aux quest i ons dediver s ité, d’équi t é e t d e jus t ice en milieuscola i re.Regards sans complexe by Bertrand Tchoumi (in French)A trave r s des pages p l eines d’i m ages quiillus t rent l a beaut é , le génie e t la f ierté despeupl e s d’ A frique, l’au t eur nous régale d’untexte d ont les m ots enri c hissent , soutien n ent, etaffir m ent l es i dentités cult urelles des enfan t snoirs . Un vrai trés o r, c e liv re d é borde demessa g es positif s et motivan t s pour mont r eraux e n fants l’ avenir i llimité devant e ux.2024, French. 978-1-636 07-427-6, US $14. 994Barba r a Schinde lhauer's m ission i s to fullyembra c e the ch a nces of early ma thematic s andcontr i bute to equal ch ances fo r all ch i ldren.My Cut & Play Numberland by Barbara SchindelhauerWith this set, you can create a t angible ,struc t uring environm ent pack ed with relevantaspec t s o f numbers and shapes t r anslate d i n tothe w orld o f c hildren . T he set c o ntains al lNumbe r land c h aracter s and elements you needto engag e your child r en in imagi n ative role p lay,mathe m atical discu s sions and to open eyes forthe m a ths arou nd us. 2024, 978-1-63607-434-4 , US $16.99

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NEW RELEASES | CHILDREN'SBiscotte by Karine Cohen-Dicker & Agnès Angeles ‘Bisc o tte And T h e Strang e New Kid ’ is the st oryof a b e autiful encount e r betwee n Biscot t e, a lit tlegirl wit h a crunchy p ersonal i ty, and a n e w pupil inher c lass, M oumou, f rom a n ewly-ar r ived r e fugeefamil y . I n t h is c ountry, peo p le speak Frenc h ,Engli s h and, a bove al l, the u niversa l langua g e offrien d ship. A bilingu al book in French an d En glish with acolor i ng activ ity insi de!2024, Bilingua l French -English978-1 - 63607-42 8-3, US $ 12.99The Adventures of Zenzi and the Talking Bird by FadzaiGwaradzimba and Tylor SimpsonJoin Zenzi , an adv e nturous girl , an d a talk i ngcardi n al on a mag ical jour ney throu g h Southe r nAfric a . Filled with cur i osity, Z enzi exp l oresstunn i ng lands capes a nd encou n ters c a ptivati n gwildl i fe, t u rning her world into one o f endlesswonde r . a dzai Gwara d zimba, insp i red by hergrand d aughters , enjoy s storyt elling a nd has abackg r ound in i n ternati o nal deve l opment w i ththe UN. N ow based in Brookly n , N ew York, shedebut s w i th "The A d venture s o f Z e nzi and t h eTalki n g Bird. " Illust rator Tylor Simpson , knownfor h i s imagin ative wo rks, res ides in Ontario.2024, English. 978-1-63 607-490-0, US $12.995Animal Sounds by Avery Moreau (in French)"Anim a l S ounds" by Av e ry Moreau is a cha rmingFrenc h language b ook for c h ildren, e xploring t heuniqu e sounds a nimals make in French . Readersjoin J osé and F atoumat a on an e ducatio n aljourn e y, lea rning o nomatop o eias f rom th ehorse ' s "hiiii i iii" to t h e tiger' s "Graou. " The bookcover s a range of a n imals, i ncludin g both realand imagin a ry o nes, in a playfu l and engagi n gmanne r . A uthored by A v ery Moreau , a F r ench-Ameri c an writer a nd biling ual educa t or, thisbook i s perfect f or intro d ucing yo u ng learn e rs tothe Fren ch languag e a nd the diver s e sounds o fanima l s, making lan g uage lear n ing fun andinter a ctive.2024, 978-1-6 3607-000-0 , US $12.99

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NEW RELEASES | CHILDREN'SMy Granny Lives in the Tablet by Christine Hélot (Bilingual:French-English)"My Gr a nny Live s in the T ablet" b y Christi n eHélot is a deligh tful c hildren ' s book thatcharm i ngly illustra tes t he bond betwee n agrand c hild and t h eir g randmot h er t h roughtechn o logy. It creati v ely shows how digit a lconne c tions bridg e dista n ces, emphas i zing loveand family bonds in the modern world. This s toryis perfec t f or discussi n g f amily rela t ionship s a n dthe r o le of te chnology in stay ing conn ected.2024, Bilingua l French -English978-1 - 63607-00 0-0, US $12.99Morgan by Deana Sobel LedermanA youn g girl d r eams of b e ing an e ducator a t thevery m u seum she w as named a fter, th e MorganLibra r y & Mus e um i n N e w Y o rk. Her Aunt Laurelis a n educ a tor t h ere. W hen a royal family comesto v i sit from the o ther s ide of the w orld, AuntLaure l e n lists Morg a n’s help. D elighte d , M organplans a scaven g er hunt f o r the royal childr e n.But when Aunt Laurel fails to arrive on themorni n g of the tour, c an Morga n save t he day?Deana Sobel Lederma n is a cartooni s t andillus t rator who live s i n S an Diego, Cali f ornia. Sheis the author o f Rainbo w s, Masks , and Ice Creampubli s hed by T BR Books in 2020 . 2024, French. 978-1-636 07-000-0, US $14.996Chris t el Houée t eaches French i n a second a ryschoo l i n t h e south of Fran c e, a s chool that ove rthe years has w e lcomed a s many nationa l itiesas th e re are d istincti ve perso n alities . Sara, Roumaine en France, Française en Roumanie by ChristelHouée (in French)"Sara , Roman i an i n F r ance, French in R omania"is a cap t ivating w o rk highl i ghting th eexper i ences o f a dolesce n ts adaptin g t o life inFranc e . Throug h the s t ory o f Sara, who c o mesfrom Romania, the bo ok expl ores th etrans f ormation and schoo l integra tion o f youngimmig r ants. The a u thor, also a teacher ,empha s izes t he import ance o f listeni ng andsuppo r ting the se stude nts on t heir jou rney. 2024, 978-1-6 3607-000-0 , US $14.99

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BILINGUALISMAyé Clar isse Hager - M’Boua is a lingu i st and ateach e r-resear cher in t he D epartmen t of L anguageScien c es & C o mmunica t ion at Alassan e O uattaraUnive r sity in t he R e public o f Côte d'Ivoir e. F a briceJaumo n t is a Fre n ch-born a uthor a n d educat o r bestknown f o r his advocacy f or d u al-lang u age bilingua leduca t ion arou nd the w orld.A Bilingual Revolution for Africa edited by Ayé Clarisse Hager-M’Boua & Fabrice JaumontThe book provid e s a uniqu e , t ruly interdi sciplina ryappro a ch to multil i ngual edu c ation in Afr ica. Theautho r s examine t h e potenti a l of multil ingualeduca t ion across the coun t ries of Afric a a n d i ndiver s e secto rs, whi l e asse s sing th e poten t ial ofmulti l ingual educ a tion across the cont i nent. Theyshare their perspec tive on the various applic a tionsand mod els of dua l-langua g e educat i on and on w aysto en c ourage t heir gro wth and scale lo cally.2023, English and Fren ch.ISBN 9 78-16360 72203, R etail Pr i ce: US $ 24.99In thi s book, a u thors fr om vario u s countr ies exam i nethe reali ties, oppor t unities , and challe nges ofmulti l ingual e d ucation a n d languag e l earning f o r theArabi c -speakin g w orld, inclu d ing native Arab ic-speak e rs livin g outside o f the Ar a b world. I t featur e sa colle c tion o f e ssays a bout the local a p plicati o nsof vario u s models of bili n gual educa t ion or langu a geimmer s ion ( Arabic plus anothe r langua g e such asFrenc h or English or a nother) and the w ays t oencou r age thei r growth and sca le.2024, English and Arab ic. ISBN 9 78-1-636 07-360-6 , Retail Price: U S $24.9 9Multilingual Learning for the Arabic-speaking World, edited byCarine Allaf, Fabrice Jaumont, and Selma Talha-JebrilEdite d by Car i ne Alla f , Qatar Foundat ionInter n ational; Selma Talha -Jebril, Insti tute ofInter n ational Educa t ion; and Fabric e Jaum ont,Cente r for the Advan cement of Langu ages,Educa t ion, and Communi ties7

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The Bilingual Revolution, The Future ofEducation is in Two Languages by FabriceJaumontFabri c e Ja u mont tells the story of a movement tobring dual lang u age e ducatio n and bili n gual educatio nto publ i c school stu d ents thro u gh the eye s o fpione e ring p a rents, educator s and princ i pals. T hebook ta kes you t h rough t h eir strug gles and s u ccessesin bringi n g t h is educatio nal program to fruitio n whileprovi d ing prac tical ad vice.2017, ISBN 978 -1-94762 60-0-3, R etail P r ice: US $19.99Also avail a ble in C h inese, Frenc h , G e rman, Itali a n,Japan e se, P olish, Russia n , Sp a nish, Portug u ese, andArabi c (with A ustin Ma cauley P u blisher s ). BILINGUALISMBilingual Children: Families, Education, andDevelopment by Ellen BialystokEllen B i alystok, a D istingui shed Resea rch Profes s or ofPsych o logy a t Yor k Univ e rsity, explor e s the manyfacet s of bili n gualism and mul t ilingual ism to b etterunder s tand how w e learn lan g uages, how t heseexper i ences impa c t o ur lives, and how w e c a n a pplythis k nowledge to our children . 2022, ISBN 978 -1636071 893, Ret a il Pric e : US $ 1 9.99Avail a ble in F rench (2 023) and Spanish (2024)Conversations on bilingualism by FabriceJaumontBilin g ual educati on h as been a key topic for Jaum o nt'sresea r ch for m o re than thirty years. In C onversa t ionson Bili n gualism , h e delves deeper i nto the t o pics o fbilin g ual educati on and cogniti ve developm ent througha series of conversa tions w ith world-r e nown e x perts:Ana Ines Ansa l do, Ellen Bialy s tok, Mback é D i agne,Ofeli a García, Françoi s Grosje an, and Christin e Hélot.2022, ISBN 978 -1636072 173, Ret a il Pric e : US $ 1 9.99Avail a ble in F rench (2 023), Sp a nish an d Arabic (2024)8

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EDUCATIONTwo Centuries of French Education in NewYork by Jane Flatau Ross A h i story of Frenc h educat i on outsi d e of F rance andparti c ularly in N ew York, this book propose s t h at t h enetwo r k o f o ver 490 French s c hools in 130 countr i esconst i tutes a f r uitful field of research intogloba l ization in practic e i n e lementar y a nd seconda r yeduca t ion. The history of these New York schoo l s als oprovi d es i nsights into French cultur a l d iplomac y andthe ch a nging n a ture of F ranco-Am erican r e lations o verthe y e ars.2020, ISBN 978 -1-94762 6-16-4, R etail P r ice: US $19.99Also a vailable in Fren ch (2021 ) .The Gift of Languages, Paradigm Shift inU.S. Foreign Language Education byKathleen Stein-Smith & Fabrice JaumontThe G i ft of Languag e s explo res the many a dvantage sof multil i ngual educa t ion and sets the stage for a newparad i gm in our approac h to teachin g and learn i nglangu a ges. The book t o uches o n t h e issu e of f o reignlangu a ge de ficit in t he Un ited States and the c hangesthat n eed to occu r i n o ur school s t o better ser v e ourchild r en and o ur lingu istic co m munitie s .2019, ISBN 978 -1-94762 6-22-5, R etail P r ice: US $13.99Also a vailable in Fren ch and S p anish ( 2 019).The Humming Bird Project by VickieFrémontLe Projet Colib r i ( The Hummin g bird Projec t) i s asimpl e way to i n still a sense of wonder a b out the w orldaroun d us. The b o ok featu r es engag i ng natur a lscien c e st o ries linked to eco-fri e ndly craft projec t sthat help childr e n g e t the i r ha n ds o n natu re a n dcreat i ve mater ials.2022, ISBN 978 -1-63607 -375-0, R etail P r ice: US$24.9 9 . Also a v ailable in Fren c h and S p anish ( 2 023).9

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Salsa Dancing in Gym Shoes, DevelopingCultural Competence to Foster LatinoStudent Success by Tammy Oberg De LaGarza & Alyson L. LavigneThis b o ok t akes a c lose look at intera c tions betwe e nLatin o stude nts an d Non- L atino teacher s in w ays t h atdevel o p an d ex p and t he c ultural comp e tence ofteach e rs. P r eservic e and v e teran educato r s alike w illbenef i t fr o m cu r rent r esearch and theor i es o n Lat i nosand e d ucation as wel l as th e person a l essay s thatrevea l t he raw pe r spectiv e o f Latino s as they de a l withracis m and mar ginaliza tion.2019, ISBN 978 -1-94762 6-38-6, R etail P r ice: US $24.95Also a vailable in Span ish (202 3 )EDUCATIONOne Good Question, How CountriesPrepare Youth to Lead by RhondaBroussardEduca t or a n d entrep r eneur, R h onda Broussa rd,prese n ts conve r sation s t arters f or learn i ng about bigideas in educa t ion, questi o ning the status quo,envis i oning new s o lutions — and takin g a ction on whatmatte r s m ost to all chil d ren's futu r es. One GoodQuest i on gi v es n e w wa y s of think i ng a b out t heeduca t ion p roblems we face today and how t heyconne c t us acr oss the globe.2022, ISBN 978 -1636070 858, Ret a il Pric e : US $2 4 .95Navigating Dual Immersion, A Teacher'sCompanion For the School Year andBeyond by Valerie SunEduca t or Va l erie S un p r ovides a te a cher-fo c usedguide to dua l i m mersion ed u cation. The bo o k g ivesteach e rs an insider ' s persp e ctive into t hese p rograms ,inclu d ing what it takes to become cred e ntialed , have asucce s sful inter v iew, and have a positiv e i m pact onstude n ts, pare n ts, and c olleagu e s. The a uthor pr o videsresea r ch-based method s for t hriving in th e first yearsas a d ual-lang uage cla ssroom t e acher.2022, ISBN 978 -1636072 227, Ret a il Pric e : US $ 1 9.9910

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LANGUAGE10 Years of The Word of the Month, ACelebration by Andrew Arnon, BenjaminLevy, Jim Sheppard (Bilingual: English-French)Publi s hed monthly sinc e 2 0 10, The Word of th e M o nthis a short, irrev e rent f o cus on words and t erms i n theheadl i nes. T h e format combines origina l artwork alongwith w o rds, def i nitions , exampl e s and exp r essionsfrom m embers of t h e G y mglish creativ e team. Eachmonth l y entry i s transl ated int o French though t h e goalis to a m use and e d ucate t he reader with access i ble,pract i cal, mod ern Engl ish.The W o rd of the Month a p pears o n i t s own websit e :thewo r dofthemo, as well as in p artners h ip w ithLeMon d, ISBN 978 -1636070 612, Ret a il Pric e : US $ 4 9.99(Hard c over)The l e ad autho r of Gym g lish's c reative content,Andrew Arnon contribu t es v oices, ideas, script s andpedago g ical content t o G y mglish' s l anguage cours e s.Ben Lévy c o-found e d Gymgli s h with one r easonabl egoal in mind: to have fun daily . W ith a b a ckground i nteachi n g a n d o r iginally fro m En g land, Jim Sheppa r d i sthe princip a l il l ustrator behi n d th e cart o ons o f th eWord o f the Mo n th.Also a v ailable in seri e s of fou r portfo l io books :Volume 1: 978 - 16360711 07, Reta i l Price US $19.9 9Volume 2: 978- 1 6360707 8 0, Retai l Price U S $19.99Volume 3: 978- 1 6360707 7 3, Retai l Price U S $19.99Volume 4: 978- 1 6360707 9 7, Retai l Price U S $19.9911

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The Heart of an Artichoke by Linda Phillips Ashour & Claire LerognonIn The Hea r t o f an Articho k e, the autho r s take animpro v ised and informal app r oach to l earning that wil lreawa k en readers ’ p assion fo r F r ench. This s p iritedexplo r ation o f l anguage, l i teratur e , and cultur e m ixesthe t ask-base d approach w ith piece m eal learn i ng foran un c onventio nal alte rnative t o class r oom ins t ruction .2022, ISBN 978 -1-63607 0629, Re t ail Pri c e: US $ 2 4.99The English Patchwork by Pedro Tozzi & Giovanna LimaThe b o ok The E n glish P a tchwork is a na t ural me t hodof E nglish teachin g , whic h means it d o es n o t rely onanoth e r language t o teach. Tak i ng hints fro mconte x t, margi n al notes , and the book’s b e autifulillus t rations, s tudents m u st figure o u t the meani n gof each n e w word and gr a mmatica l c oncept as t h eyread. K eeping t hemselv e s active l y engaged with thelangu a ge t hrougho u t e a ch l esson, stud e nts are ableto learn more effi c iently, and achiev e f luency muc hfaste r .2023, English. ISBN 97 8-1-6360 7 1657, U S $19.99LANGUAGE12This F rench l earning met hod, desi gned for chil dren,offers a c reati ve a nd f un a pproa ch t hat encouragesfree expre ssion in Fre nch. T he boo k prov idesdetailed, cus tomiz able lessons s uited to t he learne r's Les P'tits Créatifs by Nesrine Chorfa & Eleni Savvaperso n ality and the t e acher's n eeds.The a c tivitie s e n hance i m aginati o n,creat i vity, and sponta neity, makinglangu a ge l e arning i nteracti ve a n denjoy a ble. It also he l ps teacher sperso n alize t heir a pproach, makin glesso n s more l ively an d engagi n g.2024, French. 978-1 - 63607000 0, US $1 9.99

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COMMUNITIESTome 1: The Long Trek North, 2018ISBN 978-1-947626-12-6, US $13.99Tome 2: A Journey through Childhood, 2019ISBN 978-1-947626-28-7, US $18.50Tome 3: Once Upon a Lake, 2021ISBN 978-1-63607-088-9, US $18.99Tome 4: There is a World Beyond, 2023ISBN 978-1-63607-389-7, US $19.99The Clarks of Willsborough Point by Darcey HaleThe Clarks from Willsb o rough Point is a bookserie s that pres e nts a deta i led h istory of t helives of one fam i ly who live d i n the Champl a inValle y f or 175 year s . It tells t h eir stori e sthrou g h r e cords a nd a rtifact s disco vered b yDarce y H a le, who spe n t 2 0 years res e archingthis r emarkabl e family .Beyond Gibraltar by Maristella de Panizza LorchBeyon d G ibralta r t ells t he story o f a familyconne c ted th rough g enerati o ns to the p eopleand p l aces of Italy over at least a hundredyears . From the mount a ins of I taly, wheremamma gr o ws up, thro u gh World War I toItali a n Fascis m and Wo r ld War I I , Maris t ella dePaniz z a Lorch' s novel i s an e pic o dyssey oflove, war and identity .Tome 1: Mamma in Her Village, 2020ISBN 978-1947626270, Retail Price: US $19.99Tome 2: Beyond Gibraltar, 2020ISBN 978-1947626263, Retail Price: US $24.99Tome 3: The Other Shore, 2019ISBN 978-1947626249, Retail Price: US $14.9913

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French All around Us, French language andFrancophone Culture in the United Statesedited by Kathleen Stein-Smith & FabriceJaumontFrenc h is lite rally every w here – i n o u r h i story andvalue s , i n our familie s , a n d i n o u r n e ighborh o ods andcommu n ities. Th i s book is o f interes t to all of u s as theexper i ence of F r ench lan g uage and Francoph o necultu r e i n t h e U S h as similari ties to and inter s ects withthe many language s and culture s that havecontr i buted to the Ame rican ex p erience .2022, ISBN 978 -1636072 081, Ret a il Pric e : US $2 4 .99Also i n French (2023).COMMUNITIESSénégalais de l'étranger by Maya AngelaSmith (French)Profe s sor Ma y a Ange l a Smith explor es the role o flangu a ge in nati o nal, t ransnat i onal and p ostcolo n ialident i ties. Dr awing on in-dep t h inter v iews wi t h peopl eof Sene g alese des c ent, Smith a rgues that t h eyposse s s a distinct capacit y for moveme n t a n d t h eirmulti f aceted approac h to spee c h, shapi n g theirident i ty as t h e delib e rate s h ift betw e en lang u ages a n dstruc t ures.2022, ISBN 978 -1636071 053, Ret a il Pric e : US $2 4 .99Publi s hed in c o llabora t ion with The Univ e rsity o fWisco n sin Univ ersity P ress. Can We Agree to Disagree? Exploring theDifferences at Work Between Americansand the French by Sabine Landolt &Agathe LaurentCan We A g ree t o Dis a gree? is a comp e lling collec t ionof a necdote s about French and A m ericanprofe s sionals on t h eir experi ences w o rking t ogether .This boo k r eveals the r i sks of misj u dgments, a ndoffer s tips an d tricks to fost e r mutua l unders t anding.2020, ISBN 978 -1947626 485, Ret a il Pric e : US $2 3 .99Also a vailable in Fren ch.14

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COMMUNITIESImmigrant Dreams by Barbara Goldowsky Immig r ant D r eams is a story of o ne im m igrant’ sjourn e y in 1950 from postwar Germany to t he U n itedState s . Born u n der Hit l er's re g ime, th e author ' s earlie styears are shaped by the S econd World War a nd i tsatroc i ties. Five postw a r year s la t er, she immigra t es t othe U n ited S t ates a s a t eenager where h er A mericandream begins t o take s hape.2020, ISBN 978 -1636070 032, Ret a il Pric e : US $2 4 .99Peshtigo 1871 translated & edited byCharles E. MercierThis i s the fir s t comple t e editio n of Pete r Pernin’ sPesht i go memoir , w hich has he l ped to make t h e GreatPesht i go Fire of 1871 o n e of the most stu d ied natura ldisas t ers in A merican h istory. With th i s new t r anslati o ninto English by an expert on ni neteenth -centuryFrenc h Americ a n c u lture, w e c a n n o w read firsthan daccou n ts of the d ay when a firest orm d e stroyed onethird of Milwa ukee and killed m ore tha n 2,000 p eople.2020, ISBN 978 -1636070 643, Ret a il Pric e : US $2 4 .9915

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My Garden is a Square by BarbaraSchindelhauer & Mark HansenThis r hyming pict ure book brin g s n umbers to l ife inthe magical Numberl a nd, whe r e each number has i t sown house and garde n . I t enc o urages young reade r sto discove r ma t h i n ev e ryday things , li k e N u mberFour' s 4 braids a n d 4 flower s . A playfu l journey t ospot m athemati cal patt erns aro u nd us!2023, English. Also av a ilable i n Hindi , Spanis h ,Chine s e, Arabi c, Frenc h, Indon e sian.ISBN 9 78-1-636 07-356-9 , Retail Price: U S $12.9 9Lapin is Hungry by Tania & Olivier Czajka(Bilingual: French-English)Lapin i s h ungry. V e ry hungry . B ut what do e s he wantto eat? J oin Tania a nd her Par i sian gard en friend s inthis b i lingual a nd charm i ng quest t o find t h e perfec tfood f o r this li t tle gour m et! Writ t en for ch ildren a g ed3 to 8 w ho are l e arning o r do not s p eak Frenc h , theLapin sto r ies are an accessi b le and fun first step inteach i ng the l anguage. 2023, Bilingual French-English, and also French-Arabic,French-Chinese, French-German978-1-63607-363-7, US $12.99The Bilingual Diaries by Avery MoreauEmbar k on a s i de-spli t ting adven t ure through thestree t s of New Y ork City with Sop h ie and F a toumatain "The Bi l ingual Di a ries." Th i s u proario u s talefollo w s the d ynamic d uo a s they n avigate hilari o uslangu a ge mishap s , unexpec t ed friend s hips, and awhirl w ind of c omedic e ncounte r s. With a mix o fFrenc h fla i r an d bi g cit y hu m or, t his b ook i s su re t oleave reade r s lau g hing and celebra t ing t he p ower offrien d ship and cultural e xplorat i on. G et r eady for arolli c king ride in t h is f u nny t ale o f Fr e nch a ndfrien d ship!2023, 978-1-6 36075 006, Retail Pr ice: US $1 6.99CHILDREN'S BOOKS16

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CHILDREN'S BOOKSWould You Help Me Choose a Pet? byGail Foster, illustrated by Yumi Izuyama(Bilingual: English-Chinese)This b i lingual b ook tells the story o f a boy i n searchof an a nimal to become h i s pet. Th e story e xploreschara c teristic s of a w ide r a nge of animals, includi n gones from the Chine s e Z o diac. Famil i es withtoddl e rs, p reschoo l ers, and c hildren o f all a ges w illenjoy learni n g about anim a ls, singin g f u n M andarinsongs a nd acqua i nting t h emselve s with Chi nesecultu r e.2022, ISBN 978 -1-63607 1695, Re t ail Pri c e: US $ 1 2.99Bilin g ual versio n s a lso availa b le in French- C hinese,Arabi c -Chinese , Spanis h-Chines e .Super Korean New Years with Grandmaby Mary Chi-Whi Kim, illustrated byEunjoo FeasterThis book celeb r ates grandm as and the cultur a ltradi t ions t hey b ear t hat u n ify a nd nour i sh fami l iesacros s space and tim e . The K orean N ew Year ’ stradi t ion e xemplifi es the univers al impo rtance ofmulti - generati onal family and of immigr a nt o rigins. Agreat way to i ntroduce Korean c ulture t o child r en.2021, ISBN 97 8-163 60704 07, Retai l Pri ce: U S $12.99Also availabl e in Korea n, French , Chi nese, Arabic,Russian, Ukra inian , Ita lian, and Span ish.Math for All by Mark HansenThis book t e lls the story o f a group o f element a ryschoo l studen t s w h o have their miscon c eptionsabout m ath c halleng e d when they are taught b y ateach e r who belie v es that every student c a n andshoul d b e g o od a t math. In a f u n and easy to r eadway, E ducator Mark H ansen e n courage s everystude n t to develo p the i r lov e for math, regar d less oftheir current percepti on of it .2021, ISBN 97 8-163 60709 02, Retai l Pri ce: U S $12.99Also availabl e in Frenc h, Chines e, It alian , Arabic,Russian, Ukra inian , Hin di, and S panis h.17

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Marimba by Christine Hélot & PatriciaVelasco, illustrated by Antun Kojton(Bilingual: English-Spanish)Marim b a is based on the tru e st ory of a fa m ily fromChiap a s in Mexico who m i grated to th e Unite dState s . When p e ople m o ve from c o untries t ocount r ies, mu s ical in s trument s someti m esaccom p any them on their journey and help them tofind a new and better life. 2022, ISBN 978 -1-63607 1688, Re t ail Pri c e: US$12.9 9Bilin g ual v ersions also availab l e in French- S panish,Arabi c -Spanish , Spanis h-Chines e , Russi a n-Spani s h.Franglais Soup e by Adrienne Mei Irving(Bilingual: English-French)Frang l ais S oup e is a g ently illust r ated rhymingabece d arian book in E nglish a nd F r ench. By u singwords that s o und th e same a nd hav e the s a memeani n g, “new” lang u age acqui s ition s e emseffor t less, a nd the l istener / reader c a n hear anddevel o p ne w voc abulary with visu a l ai ds o r bui l d onan ex i sting co re.2022, ISBN 978-1-63607-328-6, Retail Price: US $23.99Rose Alone by Sheila Flynn DeCosse,illustrated by Teresa LawlerThe story of t he A c adians and t heir exile fromCanad a i n 1755 is a stor y t hat has b e en toldnumer o us times , but ra r ely from the per s pective of ayoung woman. This story follow s R o se through herjourn e y as an Acadian refuge e , as sh e learns toadapt t o life a n d strugg l e to find her p l ace i n thenew w o rld, in colonial East Ha m pton, N e w York.2022, ISBN 97 8-1-6 36071 664, Reta il Pr ice: US $17.99CHILDREN'S BOOKS18

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the Good, the Ugly, and the GreatA person a l story o f a young 9 - year-ol d S outhAfric a n b oy, Kene, w h o during the e a r ly phase of thepande m i c, sha r es his experie n ces wit h it. T h e booktakes you throug h some of the thing s he learne dand appreci a ted. T here are p ositive thing s thatcome out a bad s ituatio n and those a re sh a redthrou g h the ey e s of th i s young boy.2022 , ISBN 97 8-1-6 36071 718, Reta il Pr ice: US $12.99The Blue Dresshis b ook c e lebrate s some of t h e t r adition a l f a bricsthat b lack fa m ilies i n South Africa use to m akedress e s from for s p e cial cel e bration s . Familie schoos e a fa b ric for their fa m ily and family me m bersmake diffe r ent c lothes f r o m i t . K e i tu's family f a bricis blue w i th white dots and tomorro w s he will wea rher b l u e dress for her birthda y .2022 , ISBN 97 8-1-6 36071 701, Reta il Pr ice: US $12.99Uncle Steve's Country HomeKaelo tra v els from his hom e town of Joha n nesburg inSouth A f rica to vi sit his u n cle Stev e w ho lives i n theCatsk i lls Mount a ins, in N e w York S t ate. Kael o learnsabout many n e w scen e ries a n d anim a ls livi ng ther e,compa r ing the m with t he wild l ife tha t he kno w s bestback home. Some o f thes e anima l s are only f ound inthe U n ited Sta tes and n ot in S o uth Afr i ca.2022 , ISBN 97 8-1-6 36071 671, Reta il Pr ice: US $14.99CHILDREN'S BOOKSA seri es of t hree books by Profe ssor Teboh o M oja,ill ustr ated by Giovanna Li maA series o f t h r e e stories following South A f r i c a n children Keitu, Kene, a n dKaelo, in their adventures. The series is a l s o a v a i l a b l e i n F r e n c h , Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Russian,Ukrainian, Spanish, Setswana, and XiTsonga.19

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Digestive Fun!In Dige s tive Fun ! , Fatima’ s plan is t o get shru n k andthen go u p s o meone’s nose as she wants to find outwhat o u r body d oes t o digest t he food w e l ike t oeat.2022 , ISBN 97 81636 07310 1, Retail Pric e: US $12.99Respiration Fun!Respi r ation Fun! is a n enga g ing a nd i n formati v ebook w hich looks into the working s of t he h u manbody. Written in a simple and easy to u n derstan dway, c hildren will b e deli g h ted w ith t heir discove r yof ho w the res p iration works.2022 , ISBN 9781636 07302 6, Re tail Pric e: US $12. 99Immunity Fun!Young inven t or F atima wants to find out how we getsick f rom bad germs a nd w hat our body does toprote c t us from t hose g e rms. W i th the h e lp of herher super - shrinki n g z o rb ball, Z82, s he embarks o nan advent u re that will h a ve y ou both laugh i n g a ndlearn i n g about how our immune s ystem w o rks.2022 , ISBN 97 81636 07295 1, Retail Pric e: US $12.99CHILDREN'S BOOKSDIG ESTI VE FU N! by a utho r and e duca tor Douni aSte wart -McM eel, and illust rate d by Gio vann a Li maA series of three stories for c h i l d r e n t o b e t t e r u n d e r s t a n d s c i e n t i f i cdiscovery, and the h u m a n b o d y . It introduces complex c o n c e p t s t h r o u g hsimple, accessible language and vibrant illustrations.The series i s a l s o available in French, A r a b i c , C h i n e s e , Russian, Ukrainian,Spanish, Italian, and Hindi.20

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CHILDREN'S BOOKSThe Sewing LessonThis boo k is a sho r t s tory about a you n g g i rl whosemothe r is s e wing protec t i ve m a sks. The y ounglady' s r e luctanc e i s w on and she res o l ves to wear acolor f u l m ask. Once sh e a s ks her mom to teach he rhow to sew, she want s to mak e on e fo r he rgrand f a ther.2020 , ISBN 97 8-194 76265 22, Retai l Pri ce: U S $12.99RAI NBOW S, MASKS AND ICE CRE AM! by auth or andill ustr ator Dea na Sobel Le derm anA s e r i e s of t h r e e stories for children to b e t t e r understand t h e COVID-19pandemic and its impact on their own lives.The series i s also available i n Arabic, Chinese, F r e n c h , German, Greek,Hebrew, I t a l i a n , Japanese, P o r t u g u e s e , Romanian, R u s s i a n , Spanish, S w a h i l i ,and Ukrainian.Masks!In this s t ory, the ch i ldren o f a t own are t o ld by theirparen t s to p u t o n p rotecti v e masks and must keeptheir dist a nce from each o t h er. Then the youn gpeopl e set out to t he i c e cr e a m s h o p, e a ch o n eaccom p a nied by a pare n t. They are amu s ed to seeadult s w earing fu n ny hats a s a r eminde r o f this newrules .2020 , ISBN 97 8-194 76265 39, Retai l Pri ce: U S $12.99Noah Henry, A Rainbow StoryNoah Henr y l o v es all of his friend s , e s peciall y a tschoo l , but when t he schoo l s are clo s ed and th e zoois also close d h e f e els sad and lonel y . T his story willhelp c h ildren u n derstan d that they are n o t a l one intheir f e elings, b u t that rai n bows and n e w adventu r eswill a l ways co m e soon e nough.2020 , ISBN 97 8-194 76265 46, Retai l Pri ce: U S $12.9921

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Sénégalais de l'étrangerISBN 9781636071053Retail Price: US $24.99Aide-moi à choisir un animal ISBN 9781636073545Retail Price: US $12.99La Révolution bilingueISBN 9781947626010Retail Price: US $19.99La Digestion en s'amusantISBN 9781636072692Retail Price: US $12.99Masques !ISBN 9781947626799Retail Price: US $12.99La Robe bleueISBN 9781636072869Retail Price: US $12.99BOOKS IN FRENCHBonjour ! Here are s o m e of our F r e n c h titles. We w i l l keep on a d d i n g morebooks in French throughout 2024. Stay tuned and look for our upcoming titles on our website.Le bon, le vilain et l'incroyableISBN 9781947626973Retail Price: US $12.99Deux siècles d’enseignementfrançais à New YorkISBN 9781636070711Retail Price: US $19.99Pareils mais différentsISBN 9781636071510Retail Price: US $24.9922

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MarimbaISBN 9781636071688Retail Price: US $12.99¡La digestión es divertida!ISBN 9781636073118Retail Price: US $12.99El regalo de las lenguasISBN 9781947626355Retail Price: US $13.99¡La inmunidad es divertida!ISBN 9781636072739Retail Price: US $12.99¿Me ayudas a elegir unamascota?ISBN 9781636072753Retail Price: US $12.99El vestido azulISBN 9781636072883Retail Price: US $12.99BOOKS IN SPANISH¡Hola! H e r e are some o f our Spanish t i t l e s . We w i l l k e e p on a d d i n g morebooks in Spanish throughout 2024. Stay tuned and look for our upcoming titles on our website.Lo bueno, lo malo y lo genialISBN 9781636072906Retail Price: US $12.99La revolución bilingüeISBN 9781947626072Retail Price: US $19.99¡La respiración es divertida!ISBN 9781636073033Retail Price: US $12.9923

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ﺲﻔﻨﺘﻟا ﺔﻴﻠﻤﻋ ﺔﻌﺘﻣISBN 978-1-63607-306-4Retail Price: US $12.99ﻊﺋاﺮﻟاو ءﻲﺴﻟاو ﺪﻴﺠﻟا ﺮﻣﻷاISBN 978-1-63607-291-3Retail Price: US $12.99ﺔﻋﺎﻨﻤﻟا زﺎﻬﺟ ﺔﻌﺘﻣISBN 978-1-63607-355-2Retail Price: US $12.99ةﺪﺠﻟا ﻊﻣ ةﺪﻴﻌﺳ ﺔﻳرﻮﻛ ماﻮﻋأISBN 978-1-63607-075-9Retail Price: US $12.99ﺎﺒﻤﻳرﺎﻣISBN 978-1-63607-282-1Retail Price: US $12.99ﺔﻃﺎﻴﺨﻟا سردISBN 978-1-63607-016-2Retail Price: US $12.99BOOKS IN ARABICAhlan! H e r e a r e some of our A r a b i c titles. We will k e e p on adding morebooks in Arabic throughout 2024. Stay tuned and look for our upcoming titles on our website.قرزﻷا نﺎﺘﺴﻔﻟاISBN 978-1-63607-287-6Retail Price: US $12.99ناﻮﻴﺣ رﺎﻴﺘﺧا ﻲﻓ ﻲﻧﺪﻋﺎﺴﺗ ﻞﻫ؟ﻒﻴﻟأISBN 978-1-63607-280-7Retail Price: US $12.99ﻊﻴﻤﺠﻠﻟ تﺎﻴﺿﺎﻳﺮﻟﺎﻣISBN 978-1-63607-103-9Retail Price: US $12.9924

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ISBN 9781636073040Retail Price: US $12.99 ISBN 9781636073521Retail Price: US $12.99ISBN 9781636071008Retail Price: US $12.99أISBN 9781947626676Retail Price: US $12.99!ISBN 9781947626706Retail Price: US $12.99ISBN 9781636072944Retail Price: US $12.99BOOKS IN CHINESENı ̌ hǎo! Here are some of our C h i n e s e t i t l e s . W e w i l l k e e p o n a d d i n g m o r ebooks in Chinese throughout 2024. Stay tuned and look for our upcoming titles on our website.ISBN 9781636070674Retail Price: US $12.99ISBN 9781947626850Retail Price: US $19.99ISBN 9781636073538Retail Price: US $12.99ro25

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Matematica per tuttiISBN 9781636070896Retail Price: US $12.99ISBN 9781947626881Retail Price: US $19.99!תוכיסמISBN 9781636070193Retail Price: US $12.99Rhoko Ya Blue ISBN 9781636073651 Retail Price: US $12.99Barakoa!ISBN 9781636070247Retail Price: US $12.99Уроки шитьяISBN 9781636070131Retail Price: US $12.99BOOKS IN OTHER LANGUAGESWe are dedicated to m u l l t i l i n g u a l i s m b y publishing our books in manylanguages, including in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, G r e e k , H e b r e w ,Hindi, Italian, Japanese, K o r e a n , P o l i s h , Portuguese, Romanian, R u s s i a n ,Spanish, Swahili, Setswana, Ukrainian, and Xitsonga. Find those titles andmore on our website ISBN 9781636070292Retail Price: US $12.99Νόα ΧένριISBN 9781636072685Retail Price: US $12.99मेरा बगीचा एक वग हैISBN 978-1-63607-357-6Retail Price: US $12.9926

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"Read in 2 Langua g es," C ALEC'sinnovat i ve digital bil i teracy plat f o rm,elevate s bilingual i sm and bili t eracy byofferin g a diverse libra r y ofmultili n gual books f o r all ages a n deducati o nal levels, i ncludingtransla t ions i n numer o us lang u a ges.What sets it apart are the engagin gpedagog i cal activitie s and the uniquefeature allowin g users to r e cord v ideoand sound. This enhan c es t helearnin g exp e r ience with record e dread-al o uds in various l anguages bynative speakers . The platfor m isespecia l ly beneficia l f o r underserve dschools and commun i ties, providin gvital t o ols f or l a nguage and bilingu a leducati o n. Users also join a globalcommuni t y o f r e a ders, fosteri n gcultura l exchange a nd connec t ion. READ IN 2 LANGUAGES 27Continu o usly expan d i ng, it will s o onfeature a r ange of genr e s includingnon-fic t ion, y o ung ad u lt nov e l s, andchildre n 's books, a ccessible f r o melement a ry through high schoo llevels. T his d y n amic p latform makeslanguag e learnin g interac t ive,accessi b le, and f u n .

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EMPOWERINREADERSAROUND THEWORLDDISTRIBUTORS - BOOKSELLERSOur books are printed on demand(POD) and d i s t r i b u t e d by LightningSource Ingram, and by LightningSource France and Hachette LivreDistribution. Retailers a n d bookstores can a l s oorder via i P a g e or contact u sdirectly f o r more i n f o r m a t i o n anddiscounts TBR BOOKS The publishing arm of the Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education and CommunitiesCALEC - TBR BOOKSTBR Books is the publishing a r m ofthe C e n t e r for the A d v a n c e m e n t ofLanguages, Education andCommunities. We publish authors,researchers, and practitioners w h oseek to engage diversecommunities o n topics related toeducation, languages, culturalhistory, and social i n i t i a t i v e s . Wetranslate o u r books in a variety o flanguages t o further e x p a n d ourimpact. TBR B o o k s titles are also a v a i l a b l efor purchase in bookstores andthrough all major online retailers. HOW TO PUBLISH WITH USTBR Books currently has an opensubmissions p o l i c y . We will readand review u n - a g e n t e d manuscriptsand proposals f o r fiction, non-fiction, a r t and picture books thatmatch our mission of empoweringmultilingual families and linguisticcommunities through education,knowledge, and advocacy. Send your documents a n d p r o j e c t sto editor@tbr-books.org28Inquiries sent by regular mail can be directed to either of our offices: Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education and Communities (CALEC)- 750 Lexington Ave, 9th floor, New York, NY 10022 USA- 198 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris, FRANCEVisit t b r - b o o k s . o r g or use this Q Rcode t o access o u r store andexplore o u r books in print, ourebooks, a u d i o books, merchandise,and more.

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YOU R DO NATI ON HELP S DEV ELOP ou r pu blis hing and tra nsl a tio nact ivit ies so that mor e la ngua ges arerep rese nte d .PRO VIDE ac c ess to our onli ne b ookpla tfor m t o da ycar e ce nter s, s cho o ls andcul tura l c e nte rs i n un ders erve d a r eas .SUP PORT lo c al and sust aina ble act i on infav or o f e d uca tion and mul tili ngu a lis m.IMP LEME NTp r oje cts that adv ance du a l-lan guag e e d uca tionORG ANIZ E w o rks hops for par ents ,con fere nce s wi th l arge aud ienc es, mee t-the -aut hor cha ts, and talk s wi th e xpe rts inmul tili ngu a lis m. SUPPORT Spread Joy through t h e P o w e r o fLanguage. Donate now and support our missio n.

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